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Woodloch, TX
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Forms and Permit Instructions

All Forms are available for your convience.

Permit Instructions

  1. Print out the Building Permit Application (6 pages). There are required documents needed with your permit submission. READ the application carefully. Some spaces have been filled out for you.
  2. Available for print out, or download Ordinance 98-001 – Building Code Ordinance
  3. Available for print out, or download Ordinance 2014-001 – Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
  4. Available for print out, or download – 1994 Elevation Study performed by Sitech Engineering showing ALL elevations within the corporate city limits at the time of the October 17, 1994 flood. This document has elevation information for your application.
  5. Once ALL documentation is obtained, call the office at 936-321-3700 and make an appointment to have your permit application reviewed.

This is exactly the same process we went through in 1994. Except – we already have the elevation study!

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